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Mission From Venus

Volume 1

As the planet Earth stands on the cusp of entering the Fourth Dimension, humans must prepare to make the jump with her. All eyes in the galaxy are focused to see whether Earth will ascend on the path of light or be taken over by the Dark Lords of Orion and forced to join the dark side. 


In book one of the trilogy fifth dimensional beings are training on Venus learning about the third dimensional realm of humanity, so they can incarnate and help humans ascend on the path of light. Once incarnate these volunteers called wanderers because they are wandering from
their own dimension to the third dimension will have passed through
the veil of forgetting and no longer know they were once higher dimensional beings. Their first challenge will be to wake up and remember who they are.

Standing against them are dark lords of Orion, whose goal is to use coercion, fear, black magic and technology to enslave all of humanity.

Reviews vol1
Space Supernova

I loved Mission from Venus with all my heart and soul.
The message it has for people is inspiring and really made
me feel uplifted.

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